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The Dog Said Bow-Wow (Michael Swanwick, 2007)
For Your Eyes Only (Ian Fleming, 1960)
Fra Skyggerne (Henrik Harksen, red., 2008)
Kull – Exile of Atlantis (Robert E. Howard, 2006)
Mysteries of the Worm (Robert Bloch, 1981)
The New Weird (Ann & Jeff Vandermeer, red., 2007)
Night Shift (Stephen King, 1978)
Octopussy and The Living Daylights (Ian Fleming, 1966)
The Periodic Table of Science Fiction (Michael Swanwick, 2005)
The Science of Michael Crichton (Kevin R. Grazier, red., 2008)
Shadows over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan, red., 2003)
Shadows over Innsmouth (Stephen Jones, red., 1994)
Sprækker (Teddy Vork, 2014)
Tales of Talislanta (Stephan Michael Sechi, red., 1992)

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